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Fixing failed Breakout Jaws: What you need to know

Are your breakout jaw inserts failing far earlier than the lifespan you were promised or require?

If you’re wanting to increase your operational drilling hours for your breakout jaws, you’ll find some useful tips in the following article – along with how Rig Parts Australia can locally machine superior breakout jaws to suit your exact needs.

What are breakout jaw inserts?

Breakout jaw inserts are hardened steel sections made to slip or bolt into the hydraulically operated breakout wrenches (HOBO) of blast hole drill rigs. They provide maximum grip to a drill string to assist with threading and unthreading during drilling operations. This is a common movement, and for that reason, breakout jaw inserts are fitted on most drilling rigs.

Other names for breakout jaw inserts

Breakout jaws are also go by these names:

  • Break out die insert
  • Break out jaw insert
  • Tong die
  • Tong insert
  • HOBO jaw
  • HOBO die
  • Slip inserts
  • Rig dies 

Breakout jaw product codes

Rig Parts Australia can source and manufacture OEM breakout jaws including part numbers:

  • 448-2116
  • 0118842
  • 042-5186
  • BG 003 381 44, BG00338144, BG 00338144

Why your breakout jaws are failing

Based on our on-site mine experience, here are two common operational issues which can increase failure rates:

Operator Abuse

Incorrect use of the breakout jaw by the operator, either to rotate the rods when bogged or using rotation of the rotary head to assist with breaking out, causes excessive load onto the insert.

Feeding up or down through the jaw inserts; failing to fully retract breakout cylinders and neglecting dirt build up behind the cylinders can also cause unwanted wear or damage.

Machine Setup

If you’re observing lower hours, you’ll want to look at your drill rig’s breakout setup. Excessive hydraulic pressure or incorrectly setup sequence valves can be detrimental to the lifespan of your breakout jaws.

Another factor to consider is the “hardness” of your breakout jaw. While hard is synonymous with sturdy, robust and reliable, raising the Rockwell and going too hard while it might sound better it actually makes your product brittle. This leaves your breakout jaws susceptible to chipping and shattering, and results in lower hours being achieved.

Tungsten button style jaw inserts can face a similar problem, due to the metal being brittle (although extremely hard). The buttons on the jaw inserts tend to either snap off or fall out until there are no buttons remaining. Often this style jaw is imported and lacks the quality required for demanding conditions.

What to look for when choosing a breakout jaw spare part supplier

Mining parts are put through the wringer given the intense nature of drilling; however, you need to get the best value out of your parts.

That’s where Rig Parts Australia comes in.

4 reasons mine sites rate Rig Parts Australia

1. We’re 100% Australian made.

Our breakout jaws (like all our parts) are machined locally.

2. Our parts are tried, tested and true.

Our OEM spare parts are designed by a team who’ve worked on the ground on Australian mine sites. We undergo rigorous trials with our customers to see what works best and what doesn’t and are continually evolving our products to provide the highest quality products that you can trust.

3. Technical expertise paired with hands-on expertise.

Our OEM jaw inserts have the optimum blend of steel type and hardness, for peak grip and longevity. 

With the direction of our mining fabrication experts, coupled with our boots-on-the-ground experience, our parts are made by a team who live and breathe mining.

4. We deliver quality, FAST.

Most mine sites are experiencing worldwide shortages and facing long lead times from manufacturers who prioritise profit over quality.

Our jaw inserts are kept in stock for our current customer requirements., and any modifications or adjustments to a design will incur a quick 14-day turnaround.

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