PLC Card


OEM replacement programmable logic controller cards for the PLC system installed on all SK/MD drill rigs.

Product code/s: 91-A10-025-001, 91-A10-032-001, 1747-L532
1746-IB32, 1746-IB16, 1746-N18, 91-A10-028-001, 1746-NI16I, 1746-OW16, 91-A10-030-001, 1746-OX8, 91-A10-031-001, 1013450, 530-9518, 1013454, 530-7762, 91-A10-519-001, 4055249, 542-2987, 1013452, 526-8992

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Brand new replacement PLC cards for the AB PLC system on all Terex Reedrill, Bucyrus and Caterpillar drill rigs. These components are now unavailable from OEM who are no longer supporting these products.