ElectricalRig Parts Engineered Parts: IQAN - TOC2 to IQAN-MC41 harness adapter

IQAN-MC41 Harness Adapter replaces IQAN-TOC2

In the dynamic world of mining, where competition is fierce and progress is relentless, staying ahead of the pack isn’t just a goal – it’s a necessity.

As technologies advance and industry standards shift, the need to adapt quickly and embrace innovation becomes paramount.

And when it comes to drill rigs, one crucial element that could be holding you back is your harness.

Sunsetting old TOC2 modules

As Parker’s IQAN-TOC2 module is no longer in production, upgrading to the IQAN-MC41 becomes essential and inevitable. It’s a hard truth but clinging to outdated harness systems means falling behind in an industry that moves at lightning speed.

To stay in the fast lane, adaptability is the name of the game. That’s why Rig Parts Australia is stoked to introduce our TOC2 harness upgrade, designed to seamlessly transition your operation to the new generation MC41 technology.

And the best bit – we hold these in stock.

TOC2 harness adapter.

The transition: IQAN-TOC2 to IQAN-MC41

To facilitate this transition, Rig Parts Australia now offers TOC2 harness upgrades that enable seamless integration with the new MC41 harness.

We’ve simplified the process, so you can focus on what truly matters: getting the job done efficiently.

It’s a turn-key product, so you can keep pace without any need for intricate modifications or extensive harness replacement, ticking the boxes for saving time and money.

Challenges in procuring IQAN modules and wiring

Procuring the TOC2 modules and wiring can be challenging due to its discontinued production.

If you’re a mine site still seeking the older TOC2 modules or considering expensive wiring replacements of the entire machine harness to accommodate the new MC41 modules, we have a better solution!

Our TOC2 harness upgrade is a cost-effective alternative, eliminating the need for complex and time-consuming rewiring: simply plug it in and you’re good to go.

Why Choose Rig Parts Australia for your upgrade to MC41?

Rig Parts Australia stands out as a reliable provider of TOC2 harness upgrades. Here’s why:

Seamless transition:

The IQAN-TOC2 harness upgrade ensures a smooth transition from the older module to the new IQAN-MC41 harness, simplifying the upgrade process.

Plug-and-play installation:

Rig Parts’ harness upgrade is designed for easy installation without the requirement for harness modifications.

Bluetooth connectivity:

The added Bluetooth adapter allows for wireless connectivity to the MC41 module, enabling convenient adjustments, diagnostics, and increased control remotely.

More specifically, this added extra allows the user to adjust mA or monitor inputs/outputs without the need to leave the ute.

When diagnostics are required the module operation can be tested via the IQAN app greatly reducing the time lost by mechanics needing to test manually with multi-meters.

In short, it makes life easier.

TOC2 harness mA output graphing available on the app the via Bluetooth.

Rig Parts exclusivity:

Rig Parts Australia is currently the exclusive provider of TOC2 harness upgrades in the Australian market.

Quick turnaround and availability:

Rig Parts understands the urgency of getting your machinery back to work ASAP. That’s why the TOC2 harness upgrades are kept in stock, ensuring quick turnaround.

Stay ahead, stay competitive with Rig Parts

The mining industry rewards those who move faster, adapt quicker, and seize opportunities before they pass by. By upgrading your drill rig’s harness with Rig Parts Australia’s IQAN-TOC2 harness upgrade, you position yourself at the forefront of innovation, ready to conquer new challenges and embrace future advancements. The time to act is now. Don’t let the industry’s rapid pace leave you behind. Contact Rig Parts today