Water flow control manifoldWater Flow control manifold - re-engineered parts

Water transducer manifolds spare parts are becoming increasingly more elusive and yet, the demand is higher than ever. If you’ve been trying to source a water transducer manifold but haven’t been able to get your hands on one, it’s high time to call Rig Parts Australia.

Find out how we make ours better than OEM in the following blog. And the best part is we have them in stock now.

Why do water manifolds fail?

Machines can’t last forever, and wear and tear is typically the reason water flow control manifolds fail. Corrosion and poor water quality are also common culprits of water manifold breakdown.

What do Rig Parts Australia do differently?

Designed by miners and built for miners, Rig Parts Australia understands your needs just as much as you do. We have boots on the ground experience and when combined with the initiative and ingenuity to take parts a step further, you get components that work even better than brand-new OEM.

1. Care and precision:

Accuracy is all important when working in our industry, and it’s why we prioritise extra care to deliver quality over making a quick, easy buck.

Most competitors produce parts with incorrect measurements because they don’t get the same feedback on-site that we do.

To create our water transducer manifolds we measured an existing manifold, put pen to paper and sketched it out, and then digitised it in CAD.

We pay attention to the details and these seemingly little things go the distance when it comes to lifespan and quality.

2. Corrosion resistant:

Our water flow control manifolds are made from solid stainless steel, so they won’t corrode when exposed to the demanding conditions on-site. It’s a simple and elegant solution that works!

3. Fully welded whole assembly:

To further prevent corrosion, we opt for a fully welded assembly vs OEM manifold plus other individual fittings. We find that the threads of multiple parts allow water to creep in, corroding your manifold over time. But, by fully welding parts together to create our transducer manifolds, your electrical cabinet is water tight.

Below is a list of all the OEM parts included in the full assembly:

4. Main Components

  • 91-A20-744-501 Water Flow Control Manifold
  • 91-A30-563-005 Tubing

5. Fittings

  • 91-A20-556-260 Tube nut and sleeve 3/4″
  • 91-A20-556-070 Bushing Reducing 1″ MBSP – 3/4″FBSP

6. In-stock and ready to ship:

The original manufacturers don’t make water flow control manifolds anymore, and with competitors’ manifolds, you can’t trust they’ll fit. Plus, you have the hassle of sourcing adapters and fittings. But with Rig Parts Australia’s manifolds, you have the confidence your part will fit like a glove and it’s a fuss-free, direct, one source job.

Water transducer manifolds are in stock now!

Don’t let a failing water transducer manifold bring your operations to a standstill. Rig Parts Australia has you covered with our new, improved and in-stock water transducer manifolds.

Get in touch with Rig Parts Australia today and experience the difference in quality for yourself. Order now while our water transducer manifolds are still in stock!